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Line 21: Line 21:
 textbox "​Supervisor Name" textbox "​Supervisor Name"
 textbox "​Supervisor Email" ​ textbox "​Supervisor Email" ​
 +Textbox "​Supervisors Institution"​
 textarea "​Project Overview " textarea "​Project Overview "
 textarea "​Research Plan " textarea "​Research Plan "
Line 26: Line 27:
 fieldset "​Account Information"​ fieldset "​Account Information"​
 textbox "​Requested Account Username"​ textbox "​Requested Account Username"​
 +static "For example if you are Andrew Phiri, You can request for aphiri"​
 password "​Password"​ password "​Password"​
 static "​Passwords must meet the following criteria: static "​Passwords must meet the following criteria:
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