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 +High Performance Computing @ ZAMREN
 +High Performance Computing(HPC) is an aggregation or cluster of computing power in a way that yield greater performance than could be obtained from a typical workstation or server. 
 +This is done to solve large problems in science, engineering, or business. HPC enables computation and analysis of vast data, for example, in areas such as Water, Energy and Environment, Materials Engineering, Nuclear Physics, Genetics, Neurology, Astrophysics, Bio-informatics, Geosciences, Visualization and Imagining, among the numerous types science and mathematical analyses. They are also intensely used in product development, redesigns and process optimization.
 +This service at ZAMREN provides an opportunity for our researchers and students to undertake science driven research and be part of the global research communities in their respective research categories and indeed create innovative solutions for social and economic development. 
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