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Useful PBS Commands

This document contains a list of useful Portable Batch System (PBS) commands.

More information about the TORQUE resource manager (PBS) and the Maui Cluster Scheduler can be found at Adaptive Computing’s official documentation website, located at

PBS commands

qsub: submits PBS job

typical usage:

qsub [-A account] script

qdel: deletes PBS job

typical usage:

qdel job_identifier

qstat: shows the status of PBS jobs

typical usage:

qstat -f job_identifier

myqueue: shows all running and queued jobs for a user

typical usage:


myquota: show disk quotas for all projects in which the user is a member

typical usage:


showstart: shows the approximate starting time of the job

typical usage:

showstart job_identifier

checkjob: shows the current status of the job

typical usage:

checkjob job_identifier

checknode: shows the status of the node

typical usage:

checknode node_identifier

pbsnodes: shows the detail of nodes

typical usage:

pbsnodes -a

To list the count of unique nodes along with the properties of those nodes:

pbsnodes -a | grep properties | sort | uniq -c

pbsdsh: distributes task to nodes under pbs

typical usage:

pbsdsh executable [args]

This command copies the inputfile into /tmp directory of each node:

pbsdsh cp inputfile /tmp

mpiexec: initializes parallel job

typical usage:

mpiexec executable [args]

This command copies the input file into /tmp directory of each node:

mpiexec -comm=none -pernode cp inputfile /tmp
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